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one time use digital cameras


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Hi all,

Just had a customer with two one time use digital cameras purchased in CVS pharmavy in Washington USA, which she wanted developed. Can these be done in the UK..There was no memory cards but there was a slot with contacts which i assume plug into some kind of reader. Didnt like loosing the sale but had to admit ignorance this time.. would like to know more if anybody can oblige


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I read about these in USA a few years back the camera uses a unique cable which was bought/supplied with when the lab ordered the cameras. The cable has a standard usb connection at one end a none standard at the othrer end so customers could not use it as a cheap digital camera but had to retun it to a participating lab. The lab would use the none standard cable to down load the images and save to cd and print off the images. Then the lab would format the internal memory and replace/recharge the battery and but them back out for sale. Have not herd of it being available in the UK.  


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You can MAKE your own cable -- it's a simple USB connection with a non standard jack - and a few other "hurdles" you'd have to jump through first, but feasible.

http://www.camerahacking.com/ -- it's the CVS PV2 section you want to read and implement.

There used to be a simple FAQ and instructions, but that's disappeared a while back.

We've never tried it, but it's been done by many others.

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