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Spare parts for labs


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Would like to know where people get most spares for mini labs from in the UK for Fuji, Agfa and PMI DKS?

Thinking of starting import service as add on to a current business. Would be mix of new and used from breaking labs.

Also do you think you currently get good value? (Dangerous question, balanced answers only, no rants please)

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That's an interesting idea. No doubt several of us are still using old film processors which we'd rather repair than replace. Spares (at a sensible price) for these would be welcome.

Probably little business to be had importing spares for analogue mini-labs as I doubt if anyone still in business is using them. Spares and cosumables (filters etc) for digi labs would be good, I think the key to this would be competitive pricing.

Lots of homework required  ;D

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