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Help for a minilab in Fiji


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This message is really for members in Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Seaboard in the US, but any help would certainly be appreciated.

A minilab group we have been working with in the Fiji Islands has had their main shop wiped out during this week's tropical storms. The store in Nadi had 7 foot of water go through it ruining stock, kiosks, equipment - in fact everything they owned. It is a total loss.

Unfortunately insurance for floods is prohibitively expensive there so they were uninsured.

Rinesh owns Ramesh Studios, a 3rd generation Fijian business and he is a real battler. Throughout coups, power fluctuations affecting equipment and many other challenges the rest of us could only imagine, he has worked to keep his business going. This latest blow is the most challenging yet and one he will need some help to get over.

If anyone in the industry has some spare equipment that they no longer use, but would like to see in a good home please consider donating it. As we all know this does not fetch much on the open market but would be gratefully recieved and put to good use in Fiji. Nearby countries are organising aid and other assistance so freight up to the Islands may not be a problem.

The PMA have been asked to help along with industry suppliers in the Pacific. If you can, or would like some more information email Rinesh directly at rineshramesh@yahoo.co.uk I know even some words of encouragement would be appreciated!

Thank you, Chris Wilkinson, First Retail Ltd, NZ

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