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EPOS system


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We use BPro too, it is a good system, but sadly there is little Technical support in the Uk as there is no UK agent anymore.

All support is now either from OZ or USA and causes problems due to time difference and they want high service support annual fee.

I would not recommend any Uk retailer buy this system until a new Uk agent is found.

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I have three sections to my business, electrical retail, photo printing and developing, and EPOS

I am a resller for a system called NCompass advanved retail, it is designed for the electrical retail trade, but you can sell anything with it, it supports just about every feature you will ever need and is scalable from one till to thousands !

we use it for all our sales accross two shops, photo printing is all barcoded you simply enter the number of prints and scan the barcode for that size, there is a quantity / price matrix that will automaticaly price them on the number of prints, for other items there is also support for serial numbers, for example camera sales, and the option to take customer details if you want to run a loyalty program, it fully intagrates with high speed thermal printing, barcode scanners etc, and we also run intergrated chip and pin card processing, which connects via broadband

if you would like a brouchure email me with your details, or ring 079171959260

pricing starts from around £1000, the system is fully modular, and can be scaled up as and when required

we are just about to launch a special 'small retailer system' where we host the data and do all your backups and upgrades, and we just send you a pre configured touch screen terminal, scanner, and printer, pricing is not confirmed for this, but it will be based on a monthly payment to make it affordale to small retailers, an upgrade path will be available if you want to upgrade and host your own data

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