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Hi All

i`m looking for someone more professional than the company i`m using a the moment

As this company never acknowlges my order and is always late on delivery but the quality is very good.

is there anybody out there interested if so please e-mail me with prices, sizes and delivery times to ROMFORD ESSEX


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A 24" new inkjet from Epson or HP will set you back about £2400 and should more than pay for itself in less than 6 months, - and that's before you start using it to re-merchandise your store, - new posters for windows, wall and pavement.

We don't do many canvas's, - but do a whole lot of larger print sizes, - it's a no brainer !


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A material print, totally unrelated to a material work of art, is a picture printed from an inkjet printer onto material. When printed, the material gets extended onto an edge. Certain individuals choose a frameless line while others incline toward outlined material prints. Is the heat transfer printer works on that's phenomena??

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