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Digital Passport Systems - Polaroid DMP no support


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Spectrum Imaging have been big fans of the Polaroid DMP id system for years and we had a service contract offering us a next day swap out replacement camera.

I noticed it had expired and gave Polaroid a call, - call re-routed to Holland who inform me that the DPM is no more - Polaroid have gone bust any number of times, and they are not offering service contracts or supporting it anymore.

They do offer repair via Holland, - typical repair cost £164 + vat + carrage with door to door time 4 or 5 days.

SO - Question ?????

If my DMP quits on me - should I replace with a new Passport system ? - which one ?

Sony do a standalone camera, - or some kiosks offer ID photo software add-one.

How do you solve the ID photo customer ?

Tips and comments appreciated.



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Same as Cecilh

We take passport photos by studiokamera and make them whit us QSS.

Take some 3 to 5 minute and very often customer take somethig else also.

In this 5 minute is good time to see what photobusiness is today. Best thing was when we put

us polaroid system out and now we do more profit by QSS passports.


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