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Photogifts for this Christmas


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Just heard that Tesco have had to pull all their photogifts as their supplier has gone bust (connected with Woolworths apparently)

Boots are not taking any more orders from today as well.

So all those on here who do their own- well done, you made the right choice !!

Now, if someone wants to join in I just happen to have a A4 flat bed heat press for sale. Never been used, in fact it's still in the box. All you need is that plus an inkjet printer with dye- sub inks and off you go   :)

Then you can produce, jigsaws, coasters, place mats, mousemats, fridge magnets etc etc

just look here- www.sublisupplies.com

Take a look in the for sale section on here.

Sory if this seems like a blatant plug, but this is really worth getting into and I can get you started - quickly  :)

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Tesco's supplier of the photo gifts was Bowie-Castlebank. Not connected at all with Woolworths from what I can see.

Good idea about the gifts being made locally. In terms of popularity which are the most successful and which are the least?

It was a customer that told me about the woolworths connection. However if it was Bowie- Castlebank then it's the same difference as I believe they went bust last week?

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