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i have post two questions but you have not answer one of me. please give this answer  iam very thankful to you.

sir can you give me in detail that how to make the overylay frames. means 6 frames.because which you make in temolate editing tool it take more time and only one frame at the time.

and the onther question is that i want to install the fe software only in the computer section not  in the sp side on the sp side only A1.But s2 for communication can it is be possible.the machine is 355 with sp3000.because i have done in 370 that i have install Fe at the computer section  And the Sp side i have the default Software A1. if this is poosible so how because when i install S2 at the Sp3000 i give error that it is not requied enviroment.


imtiaz from Pakistan

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