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Steven Deverill

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For myself, I think that it will drive more business into the independents. Also, it is going to be interesting to see what happens with Jessops..

Gone are the days (for now) on a mass market for a niche product. But as independents, if you have a Max or Klick store that was competitions, you need maximum exposure that you exist, get an offer goings a Christmas and New year special and advertise it the best way that you can.

You can react quicker and better than the likes of Tescos etc...

The stores that are open are going to have demoralized staff... Pop in and see then, and give them flyer's they can give out to attract your new customer base.

Those that act quick, can do well out of this.

The next threat that will take place will be the dry lab and who installs them...

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It shows how dire it is on the High Street. If they bow out it will make me feel better when I walk past their shop and no longer see all those kiosks being used. Seems they bought the market - but it cost them too much

I subscribed to the email newsletter and this arrived this afternoon;

'As you may have heard Klick and Max Spielmann operated by Bowie Castlebank Limited have gone into administration. We want to reassure you that your Klick Photo Store account is still active and all your photos and albums are safe.

You can continue to place orders for prints and gifts for delivery to your home address. We can also confirm that if Klick Photo Store is eventually closed, your account, with all your photos and albums, will be moved to Snapfish by HP (which currently powers Klick Photo Store) so there is no risk of losing your photos. The service will remain the same – only in a different look and feel'

As we do not know whether all Klick and Max Spielmann stores will remain open, unfortunately we have had to remove the "pick up in store" option. If you have placed an order for pick up in store in the last few days our Customer Service team will be in touch to rearrange delivery to your home address'

I guess that says it all  ;)


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Seems the best thing we all could do is to drop some Christmas Mince Pies in to our local shop and get the remaining staff to refer customers to us. Seems they don't even get a break for lunch so I'm sure it would be appreciated.

We have already had customers in who had ordered photo gifts that won't now be delivered. After this PR disaster I don't know if there is any hope for recovery for the brand. I'm surprised The Sun haven't yet made a big deal about those bonuses the Directors earned recently, then all these customers loosing deposits for their Christmas orders.

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