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How to Scan 35mm film to include the sprockets


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we serve a community of pin-hole camera enthusiasts who are looking for film scans including the edge & sprocket holes of the film.

We also have call for scans of 35mm film in unusual lengths from square to super long and somtimes round !

The perfect scanner would also deal with 120 odd formats.

I know that i can use a tranny hood on a flatbed, but am really looking for an automated solution.

Any suggestions?



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Thanks for the reply. I took a look at the first scanner mentioned, - but not available anymore.

Re Epson scanners with tranny hood - I think this is going to be a VERY slow option ?

If we want to offer a commercial full 35 mm film scanning service including sprockets - we could only do a small strip at a time, - it would take an age.

Is there any Minilab scanner that can do full width, - or maybe a way to adapt a PAKON or canon or Sony scanner ?

I'd like to just feel in one and and walk away ...... ideally !

Thanks for your ideas


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Thanks Neil, - we have used this font in the past, - but our 'arty' clients are exposing the film right up to the edge, - and want bar codes, frame numbers, and sprokets as part of the scanned image.

WE could scan on flatbed with tranny hood, - but v slow & time consuming, - just trying see if there are any 'automated' scanning methods, - so we can just feed in the film and get a batch of j-pegs,


If there is any minilab or scanner that can be MODIFIED to do this, - scan/frame lengths can be very variable, - so manual advance might be best ?

Any ideas appreciated !


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