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If you have someone who can build an upload module into your website this is the cheapest way however the file sizes and quantity of images sent each time is the limiting factor. It is fairly simple to make these and most lab chains have them (like Snappy Snaps). Otherwise try and find a 'browser based' uploading program. Most customers use the resources of their work computers to send big orders - but these often won't let them load programs onto their PC's.

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The best solution for me so far is FTP for our customers to send there work for on line printing.

Now using the browser also they can send us files to our FTP server no need to use a dedicated client SW?

And next alternative is "Web DAV" which I am currently exploring more can be said only after implementing and testing.

this is my few cents


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I know this is an old topic but has anyone found a really good uploading system. We are using an .asp based program but sometimes its inaccessable (don't ask me why?!) and other times it falls over on big files so is not reliable. We're not that 'techy' but are really keen to find a better solution.

I am interested to hear how people are going using LifePics, Dakis, Photochannel or other online systems. Any ideas out there?

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We also have been using RealPix but are changing to Oblo main reason is the ability to add/delete any of our over 1000 photo creative products at will. Also changing 4 of our 17 kiosks to Oblo it has a nice clean MAC look to it and once again we can add products at will with images of those products to show cropping etc

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