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As UK national chair of PMA I have always seen real value in my modest membership fee, and I'm curious what Minilab helpers views are ?

The genuine benefits I see personally are:

Good deal with barclays merchant services for card processing. (cannot match or better it)

PMA select insurance - always beat other quotes.

Free legal helpline - just handy to have

and the usual newsline, networking opportunities, beer-ups, magazine etc.

One thing the PMA does not do well IMHO is their web presence and forums, - hence real value to me of Minilab Help (thanks Neil)

What do you get from PMA & What could PMA do better ?



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I'm the chairperson of PMA in South Australia and it is a fantastic resource for store owners.

If you are not in a buying group, or if you have no one else to talk to or bounce ideas off, PMA gives you people to talk to, and offer advice and assistance.

The trade shows are incredibly valulable and well worth the money spent travelling to them We have just booked 2 airfares and accomodation from Australia to Vegas and back so we can go to the PMA show in 2009. We have NEVER failed to get our moneys worth out of the visit, and use the ideas that we see at the show.

Plus they are a great group of people to network with and talk to.

Even if you cant get to the trade show, the online resources are awesome.


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