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We have been trying to recover a customers very important images but want to be sure we've done everything possible before saying thats all we can find. Basically I am keen to know whether using another program may get us more than we have found already.

We have run the card through Recuva and PC Inspector programs, along with Don't Panic 2. They've all found the same number of images. From others experience are there any better programs we could try?

A positive answer might cure this sleepless night  :o

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We've had pretty good results with Active File Recovery Professional.  http://www.file-recovery.net/recovery.htm

Use the "superscan" option.  I've definitely recovered more images with this, just be sure to check the images as some images will be recovered even if their corrupt.

Another option is a company called Digital Medix http://www.digitalmedix.com/.  Their based out of Colorado but they might be able to help.  Good thing is that they let you know how much it will cost for recovery and if they can't get anything they don't charge.  I've visited their facility and it's top notch..  they can even rebuild data from a shattered hard disc platter!  We've sent a couple customers down their over a few years and cost has been $75.00 - $1500.00 depending on severity.

Try not to mess with the card too much as unnecessary access to the card could make recovery harder and more expensive.  Good luck!

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dear colopt,

maybe next time you should put a sign inside your shop stating that the customers should have backed up their cards before sending it for processing and you may not be held liable for any loss, damage or miscarriage happen on it.

we agree that the customer is always right but if it come to a point that they stated untolerable remarks on us we should react.

anyway, we had the same problem before so i tried several recovery software and i found POWER PHOTO RECOVERY very useful. you may try it for your seld.

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