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dear all,

we are using DNP centuria papers we are buying this paper locally. if we buy this paper from some other place (manufactured in some other country) quality will differ ? can anyone help us regarding this issue ? manufacturing process of the paper is same around the world ? we hope to get some better information regarding this issue.

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Do you mean dye-sub ?

Would be surprised if there were so many plants manufacturing these printing packs.

Sometimes you see different brands but obviously coming from the same maker because everything is identical including the cardboard box.

What would be interesting is how manufacturers do,to control printer market. For example what is the difference between a Mitsubishi DW and a DWS ?

How is it possible for a printer to recognize the paper ?

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sorry sir,

i am not talking about Dye Sub. DNP Paper used in minilabs (silver halide) i wanted to know about the quality. Is the paper quality same around the globe. Do they manufacture the paper with same formulation around the globe? Can anyone guide me?

thanks always n best regards

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Sorry to dissapoint you, but I have stayed with CA (Fuji). I tried a few rolls of DNP and , as previously stated, didn't like it. nothing wrong with it, just preffer to spend a few pence extra per roll and get one of the best.

I use a Fastlab D26. Maybe that was my problem, looking at the pma results, it outputs a wide Gama (d-max/d-min) therefore a high contrast paper is probably not right, unless you recalibrate, which I am not doing just to save a few

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