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Well, really, which Country are you in?


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Because I'm bored right now and basically a bit of a do-er, (I was going to say anal retentive but really didn't know how crass-cultural that was) I just did some stats on this post.  Do you know that of 1220 views only 42 (3.5%) have replied and of those 42, only 18 have listed their Country (43%)?  However, I did notice most of the Aussie's complied as we "nationally-good-rule-following" people do.  Mid-way this census, Neil did offer a question, why did people not list their location in their identity stuff?......but, there you go....

It seems to me that some people request localised help, so it would really help to know how local that is?

Off my soapbox now.


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Morning Liz, a point very accurately made (though I haven't checked your figures- and yes, Anal Retention crosses frontiers). I made a sideways comment about this on another topic, I think it was to do with an Indy Conference/ get together, where I said it would be nice to meet contributors and watchers.

I cannot resist,  :X ;D, but you realy should be carefull using phrases like "Nationaly-good-rule-following" when reffering to Australia on a British based forum. Some people - not I, I hasten to add- would see that as a heaven sent opportunity for a wind up!!

Back on topic, I think it highlights the basic insecurity of the fragile human state. People are afraid of being lambasted, exposing their weaknesses and making fools of themselves amongst their peers. What a load of playground twaddle.

I'm an idiot, and proud of it (read my avatar). Very often, the mouth opens, sound comes out, and even I don't understand it. It is surprising how often someone takes pity and puts me straight. I feel if you don't learn something new every day, you wasted it.

So, Kind reader, where are you from?(hide1)

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