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I am not actually sure if I am permitted to do this but I will give it a go.

I wanted to sing the praises of this company called Mandev.

Highly recommend them as they have been a huge help to me with the Epson 7600.  Although my main problem is not solved YET I am confident that it will and they are very informative.  The amount of time they have spent helping me is quite incredible really. And the advice also I havent even got from Epson.  After a few days of internet chat I was told I had to have an engineer for certain, which of course I may end up doing but with the help from Mandev we are going through a process of elimination of all the things it could be rather than just the heads as suggested. (MY HEADS APPEAR TO HAVE A LOT OF LIFE IN THEM BY THE WAY, SO UNLESS WE HAVE DAMAGED THEM)  So anyway thumbs up to them.!!!!

They also supply inks etc, I am currently awaiting some paper  samples but I do intend to source my inks from there.

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