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Right, I'm off to tetenal!

On subject, how do you guys cope with 'print from print' of artists work? here i'm talking about everything from oil to pastell (very fragile!) up to about A0 size. We only have an A4 scanner, and using photoshop stitch multiple scans together, but it is not allways satisfactory. Anyone know of a better way, or of someone who specialises in this kind of work? We have been toying with the idea of using Photowonder to do the stitching, but that still leaves the problem of the scanning.

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We have had a Kodak i1220 for about 8 months now. Has been a great investment. The marketing program we use has a Shoebox Scanning module which we ran recently. I did window posters, press releases and advertising in the photo wallets. We ended up with some orders of over 1000 photos to CD and print. Most orders were 50 plus. Going to promote again but this time getting people to make photo books from the scanned images.

If you have been thinking about getting one of those scanners don't procrastinate. We did and wished we had got it earlier.

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Reading the specs. it seems because of the capable resolution.

This applies to flatbeds as well, in some cases where the specifications of the scanners are similar, the added software can make the world of difference.

As for large works of art, I have tried the digital camera route, and even when borrowing the 'latest and greatest' have been a little dissapointed (I am being told repeatedly that I am too fussy) so have gone back to an old Rolleicord (120). Without a copystand paralax is a P.I.T.B. but for some of the works of art (??????) I would need a very large one!!

Thank goodness for Photoshop.

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