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I want enter into photo processing business


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Greetings, I want enter into photo processing business, I want first to start small if the market is sweet them put in more money.

I need your advice and information on which of photo processing machine and consumables to buy

Is photo kiosk profitable business to venture into, as compare to conventional minilab

What is the cost of a photo printed in photo kiosk, which one is costlier kiosk or minilab

Is photo kiosk troublesome in terms of maintenance

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a 4x6  photo may cost you in a kiosk about 10 cents. Better if you install a digital minilab. by the way in which country you are in?


Narinder Kalia

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Before you starting this biz,it is better to make a detailed investiation of your local marketing capacity,how many prints order you can get every day,for this field now not a very good rewardable field.

Also consider the paper,chemical,machine maintance cost...,

Consider more then act.

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Judging by the types of questions you ask I think going into the photo industry is a very bad idea......

not just for you, - but anyone !

Before makingg an investment decision you need a lot of market research data, PMA is a good place to start, - and if you can find anything in the stats that makes you want to start, - then good luck to you.

IF - I were an newcomer to the industry NOW - I would open with a shop full of kiosks ans wide format and photobook machines, and not have a wet lab ! - but I cannot remommend it - were are you going to get / steal your customers from ?

This is a VERY mature indusrty, - find a new emerging one instaed - it might save you a lot of sweat !


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Don't know where you are, but even in an emerging economy you will have an uphill struggle with major competition.

If you are determined to do this you will need a lot more than a handfull of printing machinery. You will need a lot of skills, you need to understand engineering, plumbing, electronics, electrics. You will need a thorough knowledge of Photoshop and Windows apps, be able to build and maintain a computer network. If you already have all those skills it will leave you free to concentrate on the work in hand, which is sorting out people's images for them, because 99.9% of people don't have a clue and YOU get the blame when they are dissapointed. How is your eyesight? Do you have any colour bias? You need to know.

This is only scratching the surface.

As Phil said, if you need to ask these questions, you have probably had much better ideas (even when drunk).

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Nah! He just wised up and bought a take-away.  Food will never go out of business.  'Ceptin' Fish and Chips in Oz.  Ooeeeww all those philistines still having at all that fat.  "You should try grilled fish and baked chips, lightly brushed with olive oil (sigh....if you really MUST have it)?"  Jeez, so glad to be my age with my good ol' fish and chips that haven't killed me yet!!!!

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