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No Photo Optix near us, But like most Camera retailers they do things far too cheap. It seams they don't like making money!! Do the camera cheap then do all the extras at cost seams to be the policy. To answer your question yes there is a future, but only for the level headed ones not the sell everything cheap Tos***s.

By the way any one know who's doing the Tesco photo gifts Too cheap as independants need to boycott the supplier (Magic touch etc?)

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There are some out-sourcing suppliers that can do the restoration very cheaply, then it's just a case of making the print. Have seen a few of these companies advertising their wares from time to time however we dis-regarded it as our staff have always had time to do the jobs between other work.

Photo Optix didn't have many labs from memory so it was only cameras and accessories they  could rely on. Even dear old Jessops still acknowledge it's the labs which make them the money.

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I agree with Cecil. We haven't got anyone who can do that for next to nothing on the staff. We use Photoserve too and they are great. Also agree about the promotions. I think if we hadn't began a regular schedule of offers we wouldn't be here still. What are you finding successful?

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We do our own restoration, offering a wide range of 'packages' from a simple 'print only' to 'print, frame & cd'. Tesco et.al. cannot compete with this, and judging by my ban from there 24hr. local store, don't like the competition (but I was leafletting in their carpark 8) 8)).


As I am in a 'low disposable income area' my time would probably be better spent pursuing a schedule of promotions.

All of these large firms are just trying to 'skim the cream', and as a result are only offering a very limited service. This is our Trade, we know how to provide a full service. All the people I have spoken to are aware of this, and it can only help us.

Keep up to date with their prices and promotions, know their discount structures, when someone comes in shouting 'Tesco's can do it for xxx' you can return 'If you are willing to wait xxx' or 'if you print xxx no.' I find it usualy stops them in their tracks which gives you the oportunity to show the quality of your work. If quality doesn't count, do you realy want the trade?

I used to get quite worried about some of the 'online' printers, with a trickle of customers going 'on line', but I am now finding   these coming back, citing the 'take it or leave it' attitude of these firms as unacceptable.

This is one thing that these 'big box' stores will never be able to provide, and is our strenth.

We just have to work harder for our crust.

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