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Help Red/Pink Negs!!


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Hi Gang

Just back from holiday and back to work

Having a bit of a problem with my c41 negs

The girl I left in charge swears that she has done nothing different to my chemistry but all the negs are coming off red/pink especially on cheap film

Any help would be great

Oh I have changed the dev and the bleach but to no avail



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hello sir,

  please change or add 1.5 liter fresh fixer chemical and check the replinishar pump are

  working properly or not ???

  with regards


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If you've changed the Dev and the Bleach then it's time for the fix and the stabiliser! Which are both much cheaper than the other two. Personally if I was changing those then I would have dropped everything and taken the opportunity to wash the tanks out.

One word of warning. If someone has mixed up a bad batch of chemistry or put it into the wrong tank then you will need to empty the rep tanks as well, or the problem will just come back. That's one advantage with doing it piecemeal, at least if changing the fix cures it then you know that it's only the fix rep tank that needs dumping.

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It does sound as if someone got confused with the rep tanks. very frustrating, but it happens.

Strictly speaking, you should use starter, but a lot does depend upon throughput. the first few films may be under-developed. I would  put through at least 6 rolls before any work was put through, but only if I had to. Most suppliers can do next day, so unless there is a real workload, I would take the oportunity to give the developer a full cleanout, including the rep tanks.

I tend to cycle the cleaning on our developer, the fix and stabiliser getting bi-monthly cleanouts, the bleach and dev. getting six monthly.

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I would strongly recommend c41 and RA4 process control strips, knowing what your chemistry is doing is vital. I would use starter if the mixing instructions say so. Mix it in accordance with those then you are starting off correctly. You can then adjust your process rep rates etc to match your throughput by monitoring your control strips.

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Before you changed the chemicals, did you rinse out the tanks, pipes, pumps and also change the filters? have you checked the temps and also are the pumps repping OK?

As mentioned above you really need to get a control strip through the processor as this will give  bigger picture to what is going on.

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If you didn't use starter then your process is going to be way over active.

You should dump the dev again and start again, with starter. Don't worry about starter for the rest of the chemistry, it's only the dev that matters.

If you've dumped everything and washed out thoroughly and if the problem is still there then that only leaves:




Time (i.e. motor speed - I've never heard of this going wrong)

But you really do need access to a densitometer and some process control strips.

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Lasswade, Did you clear the pipe from rep/mix tank to machine,just incase there was a contamination. But it sounds like when the dev was changed and no starter used, the d-min (background film base colour) was much too over active (Visable on film base). Now the proper mix has been done all should be ok. I would suggest doing process control tests every day for a week then every 3 days or so.


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