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Topfoto in administration


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Jobs lost as photo plant closes  

A photographic processing plant in Cornwall has gone into administration with the loss of 45 jobs.

Topfoto, which is based in Liskeard, developed and printed traditional and digital photographs.

The company has blamed loss of contracts for the cutbacks as large companies outsource work overseas.

Ian Walker, who has been appointed the administrator, says it is his task to now try to sell all or part of the business.

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Hi! I need help .I want buy a mini lab but I don't know what to buy .I need a good one .Can you offer me some mini-labs.I have got a photo studio and a minilab but it is second hand and everyday I face with a different problem with it , so Iwant to change it .

I will be grateful to you if you can help me .

Thank you very much

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Very sad about Topfoto. They were one of the last independants out there. Hopefully someone can rescue the good parts and keep up those fulfilment services. Does anyone know of another lab that is set up to do the Whitech gifting products?

As for APS I wouldn't spend to much kitting up for it but a few pounds would be Ok. We had someone in with 30 rolls recently and they were just so glad someone could do it. Price was not an issue.

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This is a little bizarre, in the news reports on the local station there is confusion as to exactly why they have collapsed.

It has been stated that they have more work than they can cope with, but cannot find staff to fulfill the contracts.

Maybe planned expansion that went awry, or un-planned expansion that just got out of controll.

They are in an area with almost full employment (unemployment in that area is hovering around 1%- the lowest in the country) so finding additional local employees worth having would be a nightmare.

As for APS, with the numbers so low I had not considered investing (even a few pounds) in the kit, but with the local chemists now unable to get them processed, this may well provide a route to a little more turnover, even if only for another year or two. And there's always the added services........

Thanks for the offer cecilh, but I have a hungry v50 and just sourced a s/h detacher, nevertheless, if I get into trouble, I will get in touch, sharpish!!

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That's really sad news.

I had been doing business with them for 12 years.

Anyone know who can do E6 for me? Anyone on here care to do it for me?

If anyone on here used Topfoto for photobooks and photogifts then you are more than welcome to talk to me as I do photobooks on-site with photo gifts coming on-stream in a couple of weeks.


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Nick- I use a 'unibind' system which I purchased from A&O imaging. Very cheap but fabulous results. A 'real' book in appearance. I don't use kiosks for doing the layouts  as customers spending 2 hours faffing about trying to decide which layouts to use would seriously do my head in  ;D. Instead I provide them with layout software for which I charge them

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Very interesting Tony.

Did A&O Imaging provide the software as well?  When the finished book comes back to you do you just have a folder full of JPGs to print?

I have been looking for a while now and think the do it at home options sounds very good, have been thinking about a kiosk options but that is more money.  I certainly don't want to have to put the books together myself, as the layout options are endless.  I don't mind calendars as you only have 12 images to do.

Are you printing these books on your minlab?



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Yes, the files for printing come back as jpg's ready to print from the minilab.

Actually, doing the layout for the customer yourself is quite a fun job. I've got samples of finished photobooks on the counter and you quickly get an idea of the customer's preferences. We have a 3 tier pricing structure, a) 1 image per page B) customers own layout c) our layout. Naturally we charge more to do the layout for the customer. So far sales are split 50/50 between b and c.

Do a google for free software- there's loads about and you'll find something to suit you no doubt.


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Have you check with KIS ?

They have photobook software called My Creative Album.

There are two versions Normal and Pro and it has ability to create photobook without machine, or directly to DKS2 and DKS3, there is also setting to do it on Noritsu or Fuji Frontier.

I done one Photobook machine installation and customer had Fuji Frontier, but setting of the machine channels were done by the customer (owner).

This is from installation manual:

Select the option "Other Minilab" in the window "Selection of the printer type" during installation.

In "MyCreativAlbum Settings", configure the size and the type of paper for each product.

By default, the printing order of MyCreativAlbum (in the case of a DKS1 or a Workstation) and

the "Finalize" button in MyCreativAlbum when completing the order (in the case of an eStation)

generate a directory that includes the photo composition pages of the album in the form of JPG


This directory will be automatically transferred onto the Minilab via MyCreativAlbum Network


The default target directory is: \\Minilab\AlbumsFolder.

In the case of a direct installation on DKS1, change this directory to make it correspond with

the printing folder selected on the DKS1 (Spool In for example).

Therefore, the photographer will search for the albums to be printed in this directory.

I think that they sell Pro version as standalone, but You have to check that with KIS.


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  • 2 weeks later...

Hi all. I read all your posts regarding topfoto's administration and thought I would reply. As topfoto's engineer I can give a little more information if it helps people answer a few questions although I don't have all the answers to the full works of why we ended up in administration. The basics where really too much work, not enough time, machines or people to achieve it in the end and it's a shame we ended up here. There is light at the end of the tunnel though and some services are still being offered at present and it seems hopefull that some sense of normality will be returning although obviously it will not be how it was before.

   I saw a few questions about E6 and APS, we are still able to process these, straight work we are doing, posters and a few other things as well so all is not lost.

   The IC Video equipment was taken in house some time ago and is still here and trickling over with work that is coming in at present.

   If anybody has any questions about work that can be done the number is 01579 348894.

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