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DIY photo-gifts


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Well, the lead up to Xmas was interesting in as much as the demand for photo-gifts (mugs, mouse mats clocks, place mats etc) was astonishing. I outlab these and frankly was very disappointed with the service. I am still waiting for many items and it's the 31st of Dec  >:(

So do I go it alone and do my own? What do I need ?

Seen this on e-bay


Any comments? What would I need as well, presumably a printer of some sort to print the transfers? Any help advise or contacts would be gratefully received. (UK based preferably)

Happy new year to you all, and don't forget to reset your timers again ( ;D ;D)


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I completely agree Phil, way to cheap. after saying that, something like this would be usefull for 'trying the market',as long as you bear in mind it just isn't going to last the distance. A lot of people seem to be doing this as a cottage industry, and the reliability and longevity of the equipment seems to be unimportant (or un-perceived), which has opened the door for poor quality equipment.

  I have not yet taken the plunge, but will be, as Phil says, personalisation is our future.

Printer, you need a piezo electric (Epson) printer for the inks, not just any old printer will do the job. Aside from suppliers already mentioned, you should have a look at Sublination.co.uk, how they compare for prices I couldn't realy say, but their site is quite informative with a lively forum. Worth snooping.

Good luck.

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Well I've ordered the press kit I mentioned above. I asked around and did a lot of searching on the web and the general view is that, yes, it won't last forever, but it punches well above it's weight as it were and should be an economical way of testing and bringing on the market. Also I can't afford any more at the moment  :'(

The printer (epson) is being custom built for me at the moment with a ciss system using sawgrass dye- sub inks.

I've spent some time on the sublination site- very interesting and I think I'll be buying consumables from them, unless anyone can suggest somewhere better ?

Once I'm up and running I'll report back with more news and views.


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I decided I couldn't wait so bought a system this afternoon. It may be a mistake but he who dares.....

so, now there are the obvious questions to people who are successfully printing to mugs, tshirts and all the other sublimation products.

how do you achieve a quality finnish?

is it the same as with an inkjet printers where the best results are achieved if the inks are profiled to the paper?

is the quality of the inks and printer the determining factor? or both?

is it the amount of heat used, or the quality of the kit you use for the transfer?

I think I could go on but it would be good to hear from someone who's been doing it for a while with a bit of advice.

Thanks to all


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