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staff wages

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Mnn.. A lot depends on where you are etc... But the saying, you pay peanuts, you get monkeys etc.. I now am in paid employment (part time) and the best offer of work gets me..

With my own experience, if you pay the minimum wage.. you will get a higher turnover, and not so dedicated staff.. Raise this, and you will attract the more mature person, that is looking for ling time work and commitment...

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Neil makes a good point but I think that as employers we are heading back towards having some choice again. With the store closures at Jessops, Klick and Snappy Snaps there are plenty of good people out there looking for work. Quite a few stores have shut in London recently and we've heard people are keen to re-locate just to stay in the industry. Let your suppliers know you are looking as they often hear about who is out there. If you are in a buying group let the other stores know as they might be looking at down-sizing and have someone good they could offer.

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Hi Dartmoor, Only you know what you want from your staff & the levell of expertise that you expect. Your manager, I suspect, you would expect to have some previous positive Retail management experiance, but you may be happy to have an intelligent post college youngster you could mould.

There are to many variables for us to give you a diffinitave answer, one of which is your location (bellow average weekly wage - as most places). The reputation of your business preceedes you, So I guesse you would be willing to pay above the average FOR YOU AREA for simillar retail responsibility. No-one could expect you to pay 'London' wages for anything other than 'London' performance. Re-location, for anyone, has it's costs as well as it's benefits. If someone is willing to re-locate from, say Birmingham, 'twould be likely they were not doing so for their wallet. Other way round, maybe.

In my area, on my last check (about 6mths.) the figures were

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