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Its ok laughing at loss leaders, but when its in your own trade......

They must be getting worried, they opened up a branch about 10 miles away (Truro) less than 12 months ago, all the feedback I have heard has been bad.

poorly trained staff with bad attitude.

If this is what it is like nationwide, they will be closing their retail outlets quite soon.

At the end of the day, they could run more efficiently on line, with lower overheads.

It would be interesting to see their books for the last 18mths.

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my award goes to asdas.

cheap prints crap quality, before we shut our shop we had people in to get some more prints done that a relative had done at asda i could tell by the allmost inkjet look that they where asdas finest, and when we reprinted them could imidiatly see the quality difference, but do you think they cared about quality and color, not one bit just mentioned that the other prints where cheaper,but after looking at them for longer did agree that ours where better.

still to late for some of us just hope the rest of you guys out there as independants keep on going and get rid of the muppetswith their 3p prints.


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I would award my muppet award to a certain well known chain of pharmacies- They quote 7x5, matt, B&W, dupes etc will take 2 weeks (because they don't actually do them....)

The problem is that they are seen as the high street leader in photo processing by the great unwashed, so they assume that no-one is any better (conf31)

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come on guys, this is prety anonomous, you can slate the big boys and get away with it!!

My personal cross is the local tesco's, they only run it 18hrs a day, two of the techies melt the customers with their alchoholic breath, and couldn't match colours if their next drink depended on it. and they advertise 5p prints (and in very small print, for multiples off 100 same image).

And I still get idiots trying to get me to compete.

Be glad when I can get my epson wide format, do some banners and nice BIG prints.

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The wide format printer when you get it will help.... a lot, we have had a VERY good week this week doing large prints.

I know a little of this site is "anonymous" but I have got to tread careful, after already receiving threats ;)

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HAH !!!![hide]Now we get down to the nitty gritty, my man. Its a funny thing, we had a local town councillor dissapear last year. She is ok, just very frightened. A little gang of 'protection' merchants, you could allways tell who wasn't paying up. the glaziers did a roaring trade.

The trouble is, the big boys can be a lot more subtle. And they are 'leading' industry? [/hide]

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