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big processing houses


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Have this morning looked at the jessops sharechat site as I am keenly interseted in the jessops situation. One post refers to the colapse of topphoto services?

Have tried to find information but can't find anything!!

So have any of you heard anything about topphoto or any of the other big processors as they must be suffering as well!!

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the web site is


The site seems to be working ok and theres no mention of them being in a state of collapse.

Although press reports are saying:

"About 40 workers at a photographic processing plant in Cornwall have been made redundant.

It is understood that the employees of Topfoto in Liskeard were laid off as the company decided to cease processing of traditional print photography.

The company blamed loss of contracts for the cutbacks as large companies outsourced their work overseas."


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Rumours from the rumour mill are citing the loss of a contract with Boots.

I was told it was due to quality problems, but could well be just that Boots just aren't going down that road anymore.

We know (from rumour) that they took on 70+ to service the Boots contract, so only shedding 40 at its loss could be seen as positive.

Strange times, and only time will tell.

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Didn't Topphoto recently invest in a Kodak NexPress for their gifting and photo book production work?

It's not surprising Boots have outsourced to one of the big European labs. They have such big plants that need feeding and their cost structures will often be a fraction of what it would be in the UK. It's probably better this has happened now so they can focus on some of the growth areas in the industry such as books and other printed items.

All of the big operators will be feeling the heat. I happened to stumble upon Klick's accounts on a property website recently and it was evident they have still got lots of work to do before they turn a profit again.

Perhaps Topphoto will pick up the Snapfish/Picturehouse fulfillment for HP if Jessops don't come through?

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