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Lets get the big box stores working for us!

Mr Noritsu

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I've just done a survey of all the big box stores (Big W, Harvey Norman, Office Works, K Mart) around us who are offering canvas prints. NONE of them can now get canvas prints back before Christmas as they all use outlab service providers to do their work. So I've spoken to all the store managers and left our cards with them saying we will have canvas back and stretched as late as friday before Xmas. They were more than happy to promote us, and keep their customers happy, which sort of surprised me. we are currently doing 20+ canvas prints a day due to a radio promotion we have been running for the last 3 weeks, so it looks like canvas is going to be our HUGE winner for christmas this year.And this is BEFORE I called the big guys!

Anyone else out there who is doing canvas in house, why not try this approach.

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Good point Mr Noritsu, we have had the same here in NZ. Most cut off December 4th and PhotoCreate supplied labs earlier this week. Customers have been frantic and it's been the same with PhotoBooks. On this point the only worry is we'll run out of the Unibind covers as they have been in super-short supply. We're busy updating our POS material now to reflect the 'can-do' approach.

What are you pricing your canvases at?

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