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Licidiom EQ9800

Trevor brown

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I remain interested in this aspect of the lucidiom solution.

Spectrum is a photo & copy shop, - and as such we have heaps of copiers, - and I didn't want another one ........

Anyhow - I created some orders on the APM kiosk, - and made a copy of the PDF for the photobooklet from the back-office / server part ( I believe it can also be exported as a multi page jpg)

I sent the booklet pdf to my Canon clc3200 and Xerox DC12 and was very impressed with the results.

Ok - my clc is a standard / office A4/A3 device, - not optimised for all the funny paper sizes or whatever, - but I was impressed nontheless.

I am sure that you could fiddle with paper sizes, - and get your local prontoprint to cut exact paper sizes, - though neither of these machines will do edge to edge printing, - but you could always trimm off after.

POINT .....

fully inclusive price on my Canon is 8.2p / side, and on my Xerox 16p - toner service inc.


If you already have some colour kit, - why not see if you can produce sellable results with what you have - I think i could.


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