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silver waste recovery, I am being robbed?


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Would definately recommend that you invest in a silver recovery system.

Had one in my shop for about 3 years now, i was visited by the enviromental health people a few years ago who sampled what was going down the drain after being treated by the silver recovery unit.  

The question to me was HOW do I actually know what is going into the drain just because it goes in one side of a machine and comes out the other? Well of course I didn't KNOW I just presumed this was correct as the supplier of the equipment told me so.

All was ok and approved and I have recently returned 3 cartridges to the silver recovery people who have since sent me a cheque for an amount I was totally shocked by!

The machine paid for itself and then some, so this was a very nice return.

Not sure about the price of silver at the moment, it may be higher than usual hence my very nice cheque.

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We run a siltech unit which is checked every time they come and take away the silver coated anode, or is that cathode. Who cares. It is approved by the local water supply, and we have to do nothing, but accept the 8kg of silver each year. It paid for itself in less than a year, and the spin off is that we have the approval to dump the effluent to sewer. We throw in all the chem, including developer, and out it goes, all desilvered

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We use an elecrolytic system as well and last year when the silver prices went up to ($15.00 per ounce Canadian dollars) we got back about $3,000.00 Canadian. We also don't use any companies to take our silver since the will just take your money. We found a local refinery that will take our raw silver and charge us $95.00 refining fee and give us back 95% total weight at that days market value.

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