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No, this isn't a 'Kodak has just gone bust' type thread  ;D

In fact just the opposite. Reading the fotostop thread got me thinking. There was several mentions of members throwing in their lot with Kodak, as much as anything to get the branding.

I may be interested in doing this myself. Anyone have any views or recent experiences? I know that Kodak had a bad rep on here in the past but have things got better?

I spoke to a rep yesterday about this and his reply was interesting. He had just done an audit of his accounts. The 10  best were Kodak branded labs. The worst of the kodak labs (not the 10th) was performing better than the best of the independents  :o

I want, no need, some of that.

I've arranged a meeting for next week, so any info beforehand would be appreciated.



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i've been a kodak store for the last 5 years and try my best to be objective on the subject of digital solutions. when we branded kodak, we didn't see any big upsurge in business, since then we have not seen any real downturn in business! this in itself i suppose means that the branding is helping to keep us on peoples minds, rather than being a second thought behind the Boots of this world. I am predicting quite a large downturn next year and will be staying put with the group.

the offers are pretty good, although the customer can still buy better if they go to Currys for kodak gear, which is a little frustrating when you consider we have to pay to be part of the group

overall not a bad thing if, especially if you have the time to get the most out of it!

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From an international perspective I thought you may be interested in this. A couple of weeks ago I was in another main centre and had the chance to look at the labs. The biggest chain in that city once had 5 Express stores. They still have them branded as Kodak Express but now run 4 of them dry - with just dye sub kiosks and a separate bank of kiosks linked back to their one remaining minilab. I'm surprised that Kodak accept this but guess they have no option given changes in the market.

In another main centre the Kodak Express is about to close and also go completely dry with an HP system.

As Kodak have moved to distributors here and in other parts of the world there is a lot less emphasis on the photo retail channel. I think their focus is on the mass merchants and big chains which require much less support.

You don't have to be branded Kodak to get customers understanding your photographic services. A can of yellow paint will do just as well!

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