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Need your help for my choice


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How about a d-lab 1 or 2, they are still being produced in Germany and the prices have come down along way, I think you'd be surprised at the price!

They come with a years warranty, intalation and training. If want more info please contact me or call a&o on 0845 606 6084 and ask for me.


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3001 has stopped production in about 2005, - so are you looking for pre-owned ?

I have had a 3001 since 2002, - and it has been a good piece of kit,


it isn't a 'joined-up' solution.

If I had my time and money again, - and the space .....

I would have bought a Fuji Fronteer.


Fuji offer a complete solution, - and are constantly eveoving their software.

with fuji you can upgrade scanner, server, printer, easy add kiosks or online, have consistant profiles throughout, AND - Fuji supply chemistry and paper and service option.

My 3001 has been ok, BUT - it is only a digital version of an analogue lab ! - it doesn't have any of the real advantages of digital. it is great with film but worse with digital input, and there is no upgrade path - it is a dead end.

Only you know waht you can sell, - but i think there is now only 1 real manufacturer left, - and only Fuji can offer a total integrated solution.


if you feel the need to be independant, - all the 3rd party options will work with either, - so choose the fuji.

My Noritsu 3001 has been good kit, and Noritsu service has been superb, BUT - the architecture of the Fronteer system is more future proof.

just my 3p worth.


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Fuji in the UK are probably very good - as long as you are Boots, Jessops, Asda etc but I hear terrible stories about how they support independents. Noritsu have always looked after small customers very well and the changes they have gone through looks like they will be here for good (RIP Konica Minolta, Agfa etc) Who else is there now? Photo Me? Don't make me laugh! SMI? Err, who? We need to wake up to the new reality and understand that when the minilab market shrinks, the weaker manufacturers go out of business and only the strong survive.

And yes, now the Fuji minilab production has ceased, who are making their labs??

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We chewed upon this problem for far to long, Malawiss, looked at all the machines (and the prices!), quality and speed, reliability etc. and got so confused that we had to stop and start again.

  Most of the labs are a very sizeable investment, and in the present climate, will be outdated before payed for.

We took a short term view (two years) and picked the machine that will serve our business plan. This has restricted us to only 12x8 silver halide , but we have a wideformat printer that picks up most of the slack. If things go as they should, in 18 months I will be looking at a larger machine.


It realy is a case of 'picking the horse' for the course, most of the machines on offer are good and reliable, there are differences in software and upgrade ability, but you must choose the machine to fit your business plan, and not let the reps. change your business plan to suit a machine they wish to sell.

  I personaly like the Noritsu machines, but at this stage could not afford the laser technology, so chose a third party upgrade, which has proved to be excellent.

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Good discussion, one year  ago a bought a used Noritsu QSS 3001  but ended up with alot of problems a nightmare , software  error 68..,69.., laser adjustment problems and so on, For good luck i was able to sale it and bought Doli 2300 since then i have been very happy with it, Doli offer 5 years waranty on spare parts, and Quality is good , for the first 0ne year i have never had a problem with it. and i purchased another machine Doli 0810 and still good. I was really impressed By Doli 2300 it has Done 800,000 prints without changing any parts, so i think it is worth considering this machine along other models,

    The objective is is to minimize cost make profit and have machine with minimum cost and maximize profit in short run, technology changes very fast so invest wisely in machine that is not expensive

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