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Temperature controll


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Just curious about how people manage the temperature in their lab.

  This summer was very hot at times down here ( very wet, but hot).

I have two 2611 size machines running most of the time, which on their own bring the lab upto a nice 80.

When I fire up the film processor, the temp. has been known to climb to 102. Appart from being unhealthy, paper etc. doesnt last to long. I have installed a powerfull extractor that keeps it at about 80 with the processor on, but I think it is still a little warm. I don't realy want to install air con. , but what does everyone else do?

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Dual Climate? tell me more.

Can't open the doors and use the analogue printer, airflow's all wrong and dumps the dust exactly where I least need it.

I am re-designing the layout of the entire shop, however, and bringing the lab forward into the studio and the studio back to the present lab. This will sort out the dust, and as I have extensive loft space, plenty of room for extraction system.

I still enjoy printing from negative, and whilst I still have the work I shall carry on. But the heat and dust will affect digital printing as much.

I was thinking filtered inlet at floor level (ceramic tiled floor, so no underfloor) , and high level (loft) extraction. As there is loft space , ceiling and suspended ceiling (and that's pretty sturdy), there's plenty of scope for individual extraction i.e. Fume hood for film processor.

Anyone with any experiance?

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For air condtioning I open the back door and get a nice air flow through the shop, as the front door is always open. This provides the best ventilation  ;D .The shop stays pretty cool on all but the hottest days. (and it does get pretty hot here). I have moved the film processor out of view to the back of the shop. I'm still using a 2611 for film and the dust hasn't really been a problem. (no more than you would expect anyway).

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We had air con, - but it cost a fortune in extra electricity, didn't work too well, and we had to keep the door closed.


we sourced a big (about 50cm diameter) low pressure fan, and placed the extraction vent in the top of the windows on the south side of our shop, - so we are always drawing in cool air through vents at the bottom of the windows on the cool north side.

NB - you will need a silencer on your exhaust out vent ducting - or you will hear it in your shop.

We can do about 10 air changes per hour.

Here comes the clever bit......

a friendly geek made a temperature data recorder so we could record the lowest night-time temp, and we program the fan timer to run all night until 45 minutes after the coolest point so we can exhaust all the days heat each night, and start each day as fresh and cool as possible, and the shop's thermal mass looses it's load.

Since installing this system we have never had shop temperatures above 37c which was regular most summers before, - both with and without air con !

we also benefit from great fresh air.

Dust, - ok - about the first 2 foot in from the low level in vents does get pretty dusty but so what.


about 300 pounds for the duct work, 50 quid for the fan (second hand) and 15quid for the timer.

Running cost 300w when it's on.

beats the pants off air con, we get to keep the door open, and save the environment a bit too.



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Ahh! Nice one Phil, sounds just about right.  I like the idea of the timed exhaust, some mornings after a busy/late day the heat hits you as you walk in the door.

If I'm creative with the ducting I can pull air from behind the shop (north side- never gets sun), but I may have a problem with exhaust. How large is your silencer?

   Necesity being the mother of invention..........

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