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Yep, I put up a post about this back in April


For all the talk about dry labs, there's actually not much currently on the market, only Noritsu's DPP, & HP's printer. (unless you include dye sub printers).

Maybe silver halide printing will become a real specialty service and we will be able to charge heaps for it  ;D

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Yes you did, and I read it with interest. It does look like this technology is good, and quite possibly knock the other manufacturers into a tail spin. The problem I have (and several of the pro photographers in my area) is with the longevity of the prints. If using dye inks, the production costs per print could rival that of silver halide, but for the moment the use of pigment inks would still keep the 'per print' price quite high. Untill that time, we should still be able to argue the toss on the grounds of longevity. I can see all the supermarkets and other non-photographic retailers going this way, which, once people

realise the difference, will be in our favour. After saying that, if those are cheap enough, 'twould be interesting to hook up to the kiosk.

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Yes , we had seen a post in the past about memjet technology. But my question is does such printers available in commercial market  now or is it still under prototype stage? when can we expect such machines in our labs both small format and wide format systems. Do they replace or complement  our present expensive ,non-environment friendly wet lab systems?



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issue is how quickly the technology cascades down from high price/specialised/professional to cheap and mainstream.

i suppose this will depend on how happy they are about the security of their patents, and how advanced their competition is with rival products.

Given that the premise of our business is that we have technology (and skill) that our clients don't have - hence buy from us, - will dictate product life cycle.

Will they launch high price pro printers first, - and cascade the technology down - price skimming as they go,


More likely - try to have several bites at the pie all in one go, - and hence give our customers access to the same technology only months after selling it to us for the premium price.

May we live in interesting times !


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