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Steven Deverill

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  It's like trying to explain that you can print digital images without ink. Even if you show them the machine, inside and out, they still think the paper mags are the ink cartridges, and blatantly don't believe you.

  With memory cards, I have met this problem several times, so, after a quick scan, I tend to download the images at the counter and send to the lab server. Then they can have their card back straightaway. Some of the more distrustfull still wonder what just happened and look at their card suspiciously. It's all about building a relationship with them, then you can educate them.  Technology has overtaken most of the human race. We use it because it works, don't realy understand how, but it does. I still get people asking me if I can develop their memory card, and is it like film, do they get a free card with the prints?

  I know I'm in Cornwall, and things are a little slow down here, but come on.................

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I am sure FujiFilm are behind this strategy. They seem to be promoting this 'low price, high volume' strategy internally and to all their larger customers. Apparently they are basing this on US and Australian experience.

As long as us Indies are not subsidising this campaign as we know there will only be one winner - the paper supplier.

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Fujifilm in Oz deny helping anyone with 15c prints, but its interesting that their 2 biggest users in Oz, Harvey Norman and Woolworths Big W are the ones hammering 15c prints.

Give kodak a little credit where it is due, they are not supporting any stores (including K Mart) to go this low.

Even some of the Fuji supporting groups here in Oz are expressing concerns about this pricing, but as to whether they do anything about it, only time will tell. We are still charging between 44 and 49 cents for 4x6, and getting it.

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having worked in Jessops who offered 7p per print, my experience showed that the average price they paid was 29p the offer prices are just being used as a barganing tool, I dont have to tell you that prices of prints are an issue but I believe that the customers are in front of us for a reason. THEY DONT WANT TO USE THE CHEAPER LABS!

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