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Using Paper Stabiliser For Film?


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I would strongly recommend that you do not replace your film stabiliser with paper stabiliser!

You may not see any effects on your processed films immediatelly but eventually, within 6 months or the so, the image will start changing as residual unexposed silver halides start reacting with the light!

During the "film" stabiliser process, these unexposed silver halides are "washed" out of the film emulsion but an entirely different type of chemical reaction occurs during the RA4 "paper" stabiliser process. Paper stabiliser is therefore ineffective for use with film and vice versa.

If you are using a manual process or a plumbed film processor with wash baths then you could do away with using a stabiliser altogether but the negatives would have to be rinsed extremely thoroughly and at the optimum temperature! Be sure to read the manufacturer's instructions on processing times & temperatures.

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