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well, thought that I should to a visit and see how well www.kodakexpress.co.uk was doing and to see how much the web site has come along...  ;) hey its looking really good for any one in the UK hence why there is a .co.uk after the domain.. So please do take a visit to www.kodakexpress.co.uk to-day

So after that waste of time, thought, best to look at the .com side Great... it pulls my ISP in as, that I now live in Ireland  :o My god, this one just one of the very worse traits that there is

But have to say how very impressed that I am, that you can now drive a consumer to this site... This really has to be a very sad site, for a .com set up (Global Market)

So then took a look at the vast amount of information that is available as a Invester (Global Market) .com The information was vast  ;D but you do get a .pdg that you can download ... yippeeee......

Had to laugh at this...

Staff knowledge and expertise

Most other retailers simply do not have the time or knowledge to provide the help and guidance that customers look for when considering their print options. As a Kodak Express member your staff are trained to be helpful and give advice. This makes the customer experience more enjoyable and encourages loyalty.

So my impression of this new all singing dancing web site is  :P

cobhamcameras I take it I am looking at the right web site ? following on from ->


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