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promotional ideas for photo paper


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Hello, folks, im really impressed about this forum. I've never seen so many lab owners stay together, b'caz you always are very busy or concentrate on photo processing processing processsssing or printing printing printtttting~~~~~~~   ;D ;D ;D

Okey, back to the topic, we are an UK company "Fosmart" which is located at Salford, I come to say hello to everybody and wanna ask you guys couple of questions, hope have your answers. Anyone gives sensible ideas will receive a free 10 sheets trial pack of our top quality photo paper. This is not a money thing, just a small gift, as our appreciation. :D :D :D Thanks a lot

We are mainly suppling high quality inkjet photo paper, like 260gsm resin-coated and heavier weight or double-sides...also running film and photographic paper business as well. We have been the largest UK exbihition - "Focus on Image"  in Feb and got excellent reviews from the visitors.

Therefore now we are considering promote our 260gsm products as sheets and 24"-44" formats at very good price. My boss asked me to encharge with all the promotional programs, but I found it's quite difficult to get in touch with lab owners. We used to find your contacts from websites or yellow pages and ring you that simple, but you know it's not always the right time. I mean first you have your works to do, second you may still have some paper stocks at that time and we cannot forecast when you need to purchase new paper.

How can I let you know when we are doing the promotions, what the promotions are, and also where can find promotional products? Is there any effective and efficient way to inform most of you that "HEY, FOLKS, CHECK THIS OUT!!!!"?? Do you guys have same or similar popular websites or magazines to read (like common printing magazines) or just get such info from your suppliers' phone call??

In addition, our lab customers told me that the lab owners usually have long term suppliers and soucing everything from them, so I'm thinking what we need to offer to become your paper supplier???What is the most thing you care about? Price vs Quality? Service? Brand? or sth else? Do you want to switch to another supplier if they have better Price vs Quality, evenif it's not a famous brand????

  :'( :'(    PROMOTION IS A TOUGH JOB.......




Fosmart Ltd

Tel: +44 161 278 2560

Mobile: +44 7894472518

Email: alan.zhao@fosmart.com

Technology House, Lissadel Street, Salford, UK M6 6AP

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1/ Get a good website, with sizes, printer compatibility, technical info and online ordering.

2/ Price the product competitively against others in the market. Have volume incentives.

3/ Devise a good opt in/opt out email newsletter

4/ Look to sell more than just paper as many will buy from the suppliers that can fulfill a majority of their requirements.

5/ Most inkjet product is very good so there is little perspective on one brand being better than the rest.

6/ Have a look at some of the operators like www.jeffscowan.com for a good example of marketing

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welcome to the website Alan, if you have a look at the section on our forums called Point Of Sale, you can see some self generated POS.

Re trade magazines we do Have Pixel, and InfoLab being the main ones

I have no hard and fast rules (as such) for any company promoting themselves here on this forum, as long as it is not OTT. This forum has over 1,000 registered and validated members, so it is popular for lab owners, we do of course have a great many more that are looking in, and have not registered and account with us.

I have given the main lead in page www.minilabhelp.com a newish look in recent times, and one thing, that is on a list of things to do, is to have regular product reviews. But these are to be done un biased etc. If you would like to be considered for this, please just get in touch with me, you will find my details on the contact section at the main site www.minilabhelp.com

And you are only down the road in Salford :) fellow Mancs...

One thing that you will find is that all the members here are very open with views, ideas and comments, a case of telling it how it is. At the moment Photomart have a advertising deal with this site, but early in the new year this will be back open.

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hey, guys, thank you so much for the suggestions, if you want the trial pack please do not hesitate to contact me

TO fujilab:

1/ Our website is nearly done, I believe it's a good one, both the design and usability. We can separate customers in different groups with different price, that means the website can be used for all kinds of customers, like end users, lab owners, wholesalers or retailers. We are also preparing to provide free ICC profiles download for our inkjet paper. After we done the web job, I'll invite you to visit it and buy you a pint if you want, lol~~~~~~~ ;D ;D ;D  I've asked couple of lab owners, it seems that most of you usually do the telephone ordering rather than internet. May I know the reasons? Is it because of the tele ordering can save time, easier to use, or just you guys used to? If i simplify the website workflow, to minimise to steps to order the products, will the lab owners start using the online ordering or still prefer telephone?

2/ The price I think is unbeatable, we have outstanding image saturation and sharpness, although can't achieve the top likes EPSON, the price EPSON's cannot catch us. We are in the similar level with fuji, canon, hp etc. We source the paper base from the Germany, and use two photographic production lines to coat paper and produce the surface, each production line costs 30 million pounds. The largest competitor is Ilford, but they mostly target sheet format market, their roll products are also new in the lab area. Our price in the promotion for 24", 36" and 44" * 30.5m (260gsm RC paper) will be

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