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i am getting alot of customers handing me their camera phones and asking me to take the images off their phones and print them.

i ask them to bluetooth it to my pc and then i can print them but they are unable to do this

and then they quite annoyed that i don`t do this for them even after i explain i can not accept any responceability for their phone as on certain occasions there has been obscene material on their phones

I would be interested how other labs are dealing with these kind of issues

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We don't charge extra but will help bluetooth the first one or two photos with them. (we don't touch their phones) I make it clear from the start they are going to do it themselves.

I agree though if a customer can't handle his own phone he can't get his pictures. (I have pointed out to customers in the past that this is progress. haha)

We had a child about 12 years old able to send batches of 15 or so photo's in one go. She had approx 80 photos sent in 5 mins. If only all our phone customers were like that!

Nash your right some customers do get annoyed if you don't stand there for half an hour step by step holding their hand for

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Yes, here's to diversification...............

I allways shudder when someone asks if we can take images off their 'phones.

I can understand the 'must have', but if you can't be bothered to learn how to use it, why bother at all?

I usually start out by saying that it is not allways successfull, and better if they can download it to a disc at home, then give them about 10 mins. If it works, it works, if it doesn't they usually come back a little later with it writen to a disc or stick.

We won't touch the phones, either, and yes, some do get ar**, but I just show them my phone (5yrs old) and tell them I don't know how to work that yet, so if they don't know how to work their 'phone, I certainly don't.

The more modern ones are nice, they have their own memory cards, much easier.

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Phones with greater megapixels will be a real godsend for us labs. Think about it. You've always got your phone with you and chances are you'll use it much more often. I do - and mine is just a 3mp Sony Ericssen which produces great little pictures. Rather than feel frustrated (or threatened ) we should look forward to the newer phones with cards and market this way.

I agree about the low res phones that are not easy to get images from. Lots of hard work for little return but those customers will eventually upgrade.

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