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Kiosks Via VPN


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Things have got a bit quiet lately on the Forum so I thought I'd share a trick we've recently discovered. I've posted it in the General area because it has some other printing applications other than just for kiosks.

We've a couple of close sites with labs in each. One has a machine capable of prints up to 12x18, the other handles smaller sizes only. For ages we've wished for a simple way for customers to order the larger prints at one site, but for the prints to route through to the bigger lab. Using a VPN is the obvious way, but configuring this was a hassle.

Recently a customer told us about Logmein which we use now for all our remote kiosk maintenance. Lately they've launched a free instant VPN service, which we have now used for sending images from the kiosks between stores. Simple, fun and very practical.

It got me thinking that really you could put kiosks anywhere with production coming back through your lab. Great for dry sites, tourist stores etc. Essentially anywhere with a high speed net connection can make it happen instantly.

The application has further benefits for large fomat work, professional work coming from commerical customers etc, etc. We are going to try it with some affiliate labs to extend their own scope of services and drive our volume.

Anyhow, there's a good news story to kick off the week and get everyone thinking ;)

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Thats true JP. We have only been using it on small volumes and one-offs - like enlargements. From memory I think some of our kiosks have an option to 'optimise' the file size before sending for printing much like the internet print services. This might be a way to get the bigger numbers through.

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