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Kiosk Layouts


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I'm looking at taking over a business that is on the market. Right now we are deciding whether to either add more kiosks networked to the digital lab or add the new HP ::) system with two of their kiosks.

How many kiosks are people finding the optimum number to be able to cope at busy times? Also, has anyone found the best spacing between kiosks - ie do people find it too cramped if kiosks are alongside each other? I've been looking at lots of labs to see what works but would love to hear others feedback - maybe even some pictures of what makes a successful setup?

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Lots of people with the Fuji kiosks run them side by side which I think is too tight for comfort. You need to have some room between each one so people don't feel crowded. It depends on what type of kiosks you are going to run, whether they are on benches or are free-standing. Have as many kiosks as you can fit in. I think 4 is a bare minimum.

The HP kiosks look good but won't two different platforms in the same store be confusing? Also you would want to be putting as many silver halide prints through as possible to keep the chemistry good. Splitting volume won't help. ;)

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