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Pricing - What wrks4U?


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I wondered how everyone is pricing their prints? I am looking at our structures to decide whether we need to have more or less quantity breaks and would be interested to hear others experience. What is working well for you?

We have been looking at the low volume orders - which we have lots of. I don't think any price incentive will get the folks intent on only printing some shots to do more, therefore I am looking at raising our prices on these. Consequently I am thinking about adding a break for 1000 plus - to make a statement about what really big orders can achieve. Might stop those that think 20 prints are a bulk order from asking for discount?

I'm not looking at competing with Asda but we have a few independants and one franchise nearby who we'd like to win some business off.

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I have been on a short trip away from civiliation as far as Brighouse. I visited as many photo shops as I could and can not get my head around why they usually all have about four prices for ordinary D&P. We have always had one price and people can have it whenever they want from half an hour. Our price is

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