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Hello all from Au.

I am curious to know what digital colour correction software is being used out there. Presonaly, for the masses I use the DI software that is provided with the Frontier Printer, which is fine for general production. For the tricky work, it's upstairs on the mac with photoshop. Using curves and levels can be time consuming, which a few people buck when I quote them the hourly rate.

My question is, does anyone use any correction software that functions similarly to the Fuji or Noritsu products. eg. Previewing six images at a time, an auto correction applies, then your own overide adjustments using the keypad. I have seen some software out there that uses the "eyedropper" procedure but it is way to slow.

My plan is to load this software at one of my color correctors place (a new mum) who would be happy to work from her home for me.

To make this economical, it would have to match the speed of around 500 corrections an hour, similar to the speeds we are achieving at the lab.

Thanks in advance, Kelvin.

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A good SW for correcting volumes of both raw's and jpeg's in a fast and precise manner is the newly introduced Adobe Lightroom1.0 i have tried and tested it and does a good job,please have a look and test it before buying it,  i feel it may   do what you need it and let me know your feed back on this.


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