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Some of you, that have been members for a while may remember that a couple of years back I had an idea to set up a independent consumer web site, where consumers could visit, find help from lab owners and also to have a directory of independent labs. This site was/is called Photos Are Great www.photosaregreat.co.uk

Nothing really came from this idea, but I still think that the initial idea was sound and would be of a help to the industry. Any way, the domain is going to expire in the next couple of days, unless I re-new it. But as my own circumstances have somewhat changed I can no longer afford to pay for and to look after this with out some financial help.

I have no problem in keeping the site going and working on it, but it has, at the very least got to cover its own running cost. Please let me have any thoughts on this and if I should renew or let it expire.

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Hi Neil,

you do a great job for us all.

I'll happily pay the £10 domain reg fee for the next 2 years, and will look at the site to think about content.

Maybe it could become a resource that all of us active members link to / from ?

don't know how much time I have, but maybe a bit if cut and paste could provide content ?



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Just had a look and its a great idea, a place for consumers to understand and learn about digital, a nice place!.

It looks a bit over heavy with text on the homepage, needs simplifying for the consumer. It could be a usefull tool for the consumer, but to make it work would like everything take alot of time and effort for someone.  Building the site, updating it regularly and marketing it, promoting it to publications. It would have to be a business for someone and charge dealers for space of there etc, to make this a viable website.

How about running a poll to see how many dealers would be prepared to put some money up for such a website and if so how much?. £10, £25, £50, £100. See if this is viable.

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