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Good opportunites don't come often!


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I thought this was more of an opportunity - rather than a jobs wanted post, so bear with me please! Recently we had a similar situation to this come along, that has really benefited our business and I wanted UK members to be aware of an opportunity they have right now.

How many of you have wished for a Lab Manager to be able to take away all your techical issues, initiate effective marketing campaigns and generally revitalise the business? It's the kind of thing we often dream of but with the talent pool not exactly brimming over good people are few and far between.

One lab we work closely with in Australia have just had their Store Manager move to the UK to do what we call the "big OE'. He is freindly, dynamic and would be an outstanding asset to anyone looking for results. I know this because I have watched the store he ran flourish under his management.

Ideally he would be perfect in a role where the current owner was prepared to stand back and hand over the reins. Maybe you want to concentrate on other business, take a few months off in Spain or whatever! Even short Locum type assignments would be good.

Young guys aren't usually keen to blow their own trumpets, but praise is certainly warranted for this one as I have seen the results he has produced. His name is Will and I have been keeping in touch since he left. If anyone has any opportunity pls pm me and I will pass on his contact details.

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Hi Photosave (Chris)

Had to answer this Will was my manager guiding us through our changes into a full blown digital lab and one kiosk to two digital labs and 18 kiosks all in the one 1000 sq ft site. He is a very hands on person, prepared to stick his head into a machine, set up a network, stretch a canvas or design a great promotion or even a pricelist or two, while doing all the day to day customer contact and staff management, infact just the person I am looking for now so I can take it easy!

He is doing the thing that many 25yo Aussies do and that is take off overseas and see the world and work at the same time. He has a two year work visa for the UK though we would like him back earlier than that! He is prepared to travel and take up short term or longer challenges his UK contact is

Ground Floor, 64 White Lion St,

London N1 9PW

0790 9883 779

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