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'Photo Lab Print and services' ORDERING Software


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Hello Friends,

    I am really looking for a  'digital photo lab' order taking and fulfilling solution( complete work flow solution) for my labs. Any suggestions , recommendations and experiences to share with? Thanks in advance.

Some of my needs and expectations of the solution are as follows:

   # orders can be placed at our counters both 'staff assisted' and 'pro photographer/ customer can operate on his own'.

   # orders can be prepared by the pro photographers / end users easily with their studio/home systems with the supplied SW

  # orders can be submitted on CD?DVD or any other removable media.

  # orders can be submitted by internet also.

   # orders must be encrypted so that they can be opened and processed on our back end systems only.

   # our products and services catalog can be updated and edited easily by us and deployed on to users systems both by online and off line..

  # the back end system  must not be machine dependent, ICC compatible and must be able to print jobs to any device/machine.

# back end system must be able to track, manage and assist in billing/ integrate with billing software and produce custom reports for complete production, scheduling and operations.

   #Most IMPORTANT complete solution must be affordable , reliable, flexible , scalable and extensible.


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Hello, KVS.

www.photomart.co.uk offers the ExpressDigital LabTricity online lab connectivity network in the UK (fully live in May 2007) with ExpressDigital DARKROOM workflow and kiosk software for labs and photographers, and free HomeCentre lab connectivity software to give away to customers. For details contact www.photomart.co.uk

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