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Not One! Two!!  but it is going to be THREE!!!


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Hello to all,

Earlier we  the so called photo finishers were dealing with only one type photo printer, that is 'sliver halide optical printers', and when digital came, then also we dealt or started  with only one type of printer ie 'digital silver halide RA4 printers'.

slowly we realized, to give complete range of printing services , we need to add wide-format ink jet printing.

so now, we have to deal with two type of printers, one 'silver halide RA4 digital printer' and second 'wide format ink jet printer'.

Wait, it does not end their, shortly we will have add and deal with third type of printer!  to fulfill all/complete digital services.

Any guesses?

Well it is going to be "digital press'' to meet medium run(1000 to 10,000 prints of same file), on demand, variable data printing jobs.

So, it is not  ONE!  TWO!!  it is going to be THREE!!! shortly. Be prepared!

And well known suppliers/ manufacturers in digital presses are HP( its Indigo line of series),our good old friend Kodak( its Nexpress series) and Xeorx(its Docupress series)

And I  request MR. Neil to add a separate thread to deal with these third kind of beasts.

Your thoughts ,opinions and comments on this are most welcome and appreciated.


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Indigo's, large Xeroxes and Nexpress' machines are certainly in our market but I can't see any independant minilabs adding them into a standalone site. They are a huge capital investment and more suited to wholesale operations - Klick have a couple and I think Jessops have one in their 'Pro' lab.

Companies like HP and Xerox seem to be re-inventing what we've been able to do for ages with their calendars, montages, greeting cards and photo albums. Only edge they have is double siding.

I have a pal overseas that has just put in the HP Photosmart studio but the results look very inkjet. It just doesn't compare with prints from their digital lab despite all the hype.

If you have a digital lab you still have an edge over all this gear. Just make sure you know how to get the most from it so you can offer all the services they promoted in the original brochure!

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They are expensive now but the price will come down and be more relative with minilabs. That said most of the output could be done on labs now. with better quality. I am looking forward to seeing the HP system in action myself this week at the PMA show in Melbourne, Australia. I believe they have more than 10 systems installed throughout the country now and more going in all the time.

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