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Post Christmas


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Been a while since a Poll was done... So how has the post Christmas period been for you? Here in the UK, my vibe is that the Christmas period/New Year was not so bad.... but from late January to now (The Easter break) things have been rather crap? or is this just the people I have been in touch with?

So from January to April, how are things?

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??)Last three months have been awful! Very slow with many regular faces missing. Only the pensioners spending money. Middle income customers grungly spending a little (as they pull up out side in thier new merc 4x4 (on the morgage)).

However have managed to increase business in high margin products (photo gifts & dvd transfers) Digital slow as ever tradistional way down! ??)

Last couple of weeks have started to see faces not seen for many months. Hope of small up turn. ??)

Minilabs not only trade effected. All around us struggling with the morgage rate increases and the drop in consumer spending. Recession appears very close, dispite the lies from NO.11 Downing street. Good weather this Easter weekend so lets hope they get out there and fill up those memory cards and SUC.

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We hawe 28% lost in january, but febryary and mars exelent. So us turnower has going up some + 24% this year.

EU pass rules has given us lot of passphoto customers. Lot of people gome and order 500 to 900 photos has been stored in computer.(More please) Seems that wind has chanced to prints slowly.

We have tree kiosk runing well. But still we looking for some new product who fit us photoshop.

Plan to get large printer soon. T-shirt ect. maybe?

But basic. We have shop in good plase, and we have good staff also. What we need is something new to offer so sales runs also in january and some else low turnower monts.

Today we hawe phonecards, Leatherman products ect.

Eny ideas?

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Hello Rowe,

have you thought of offering and fitting watch batteries, a very good profit margin with liittle investment and not at all time consuming.

Let me know if you are interested (that is if you are not already doing this of course) and I will pass on some contacts.

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Us nex door shop is Gold store they replace batterys.

So we dont want to step on this area.

We have visiting stores and hope to find something who fit us shop.

Mugs OK but on only part of year. T-shirt maybe. Large poster been asked for.

Photobook never one customer asked for.

Us camera sales has going well. Profit is not so good and competition large shop against small photoshop is hard.

Price is almost same in all place. Some big market offer client return of all they bay from food to casoline and this is some 2 to 5 % and meny bay from big shops and come to us only to get knowhow.

So we also travell round Europe but we all look a like.

So i think we still stand in future but what we offer in future who know?


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