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You know, the type you do on your minilab or via a secure website.

I'm looking at all the options for producing these, I think the concept is excellent.

However I haven't had one enquiry from the public regards them.

What do you all think? Are they a product we are (as suppliers) keen on because 'we can do it' ? Or are  consumers either:-

a) completely unaware of the concept or

B) Aware of it but not in the slightest bit interested.??

Is it actually worth investing hard earned money in this?

Does anyone offer these, if so what is the take up like?



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We are offering a service whereby customer downloads software from site address that we advertise with brochures and sample in the shop, they input our account number so we receive a commision on sale. Easy money, tho small, for little work and no investment.

If we asee a good uptahe on the service we will then consider buying equipment, but so far too early to go shelling out more money, we are running to stand still as it is.

Customer interest is good, altho I think many get disheartened as they sit at their pc for too long, many also think it will make a lovely Christmas gift, but I can guarentee most won't be organised to receive the finished product in time

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many also think it will make a lovely Christmas gift, but I can guarentee most won't be organised to receive the finished product in time

You are so right.

I've had loads of enquiries ref calendars and canvas wraps for xmas, but not one order yet. I just know that the week before xmas will be interesting, with a lot of disappointed people and pissed off minilab owners.  >:(

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We've been debating PhotoBooks with other lab owners and have come to the same conclusion. The only interest so far is from within the industry!

This is a crucial time for us all as sales build toward Christmas. We're now focusing all efforts on building on our traditional lines as we now these will be a success.

Interesting to see that the biggest PhotoBook providor in our market has a cut-off date for Christmas of the last week in November. As we all know customers make their buying decisions in the two weeks before Christmas so they will certainly miss the boat.

Canvas wraps done in-house will be our unique product this year. We'll do these right up to Christmas - which will be the fastest service in our region. Fingers crossed for a busy month ahead!

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Interesting- we all seem to be experiencing the same thing.

I've spoken to 3 different 'suppliers' of photobooks all look good, but not one can let me have a sample to show customers- essential in my view if we are to sell them.

just polishing my tin-hat ready for the week before Xmas, anticipating a few late nights  :-/

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Bit of an old thread, but Photobooks have been the only real seller for us.

We user topfoto for these, and they kindly provided a counter display with sample book and some flyers.

The customer buys a CD for £5 and then takes it home and makes the book using the software which is quite easy to use, then when they order (which can be done via the internet or on CD),if internet they simply choose our lab from the list and the book gets delivered to us. For their first order they get £5 discount which pays for the CD.

We've had customers that have placed an order on a Thursday, and the book is in store for the monday!!

I was mainly surprised by the repeat prints that I get for these, Once a book is produced, mostly we get 2 or 3 reprints!

We got the display in early December, and we've sold 20 CDs and had about 15 books so far, and we're expecting alot more!

The only real negative side, is that alot of our local wedding photograhers use MACs and the software is only availiable for the PC.... maybe I should get some PC's to rent out lol !

PS. We've even had a phone order for some CDs for somewhere in Kent, I was very surprised as we're in Devon!

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I have been keeping a keen eye on photo books too, we have displays, and talk with our customers, but find that the percieved value is less than we would like to charge, as opposed to montage posters - where it is the other way round - hence we do lots of montage posters !

BESTPHOTOLIST has covered this area in great detail, - especially since PMA` 07

consensus seems to be that you can do it well, - but only if you do it big.

Binding options include: Unibind - from about £300 kit and about £3 per book

and Channel bind priced similar - up to stupid money. I use the Unibind - with no problems, - though it does look like a boring black book instead of a swanky coffee table offering. There is some talk that unibind can 'release' pages but we have not experienced this. unibind can be undone and re-done (new cover) while channelbind crimps and cannot be changed.

I look forward to seeing Fuji / Xerox new system in may.......


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We reckon there is a big market for the montages too and have been very successful in the past. Only issue has been the time setting up. Now we are about to create some standard templates, load them on the PhotoTeller and get the customers to do them. We'll have the kiosks output directly to out Epson 9800.

Phil, have you got a standard template, a background design or similar you've found successful? Also, what sizes are you findinging most popular? I see Lucidiom now have been promoting montages through their new Luci system so I was interested in the backgrounds they have developed.


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WE are doing them manually so far, - though there are some automated options - eg in Picassa


Design £25 for upto 15 digital images and 2 text blocks, +£2 for additional

Printing - as per price list £17 A2 £30 A1 etc

Am looking to automate - and let customers do for NO £££ - just so we can sell a lot more big posters !


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Hi Ian,

Regarding the issue of compiling montages automatically I'm hoping some new software will allow us to select more than our current limit of 8 images and 'build' the montage without too much operator involvement. We have just got the Whitech V7 upgrade discs and are installing it slowly, unlocking the new features as we go.

We think montages have a big potential as there is demand for special 'life' events such as 50th's 21'sts etc. Having the ability to output to the large format printer allows us to get add-on sales like frames which really builds the order value.

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