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On a Saturday off I decided to go and have a look at a local large Boots store which has claimed to be one of the first high street NHS centers. It was interesting to see that the Boots store had considerably reduced the size of thier lab operation. Once this was a flagship area with a number of kioks and queqing system for counter service.

Now the size of the area must have halved and the kiosks reduced to two machines. I wondered if this was a first sign that photos for Boots was no longer a major product as this is exactly what happen to thier music section some years ago. The store has little competition around it as the jessops close by is too small for a minilab. So I expected it to be very busy, however two films on the rack, one person on a kiosk and an empty counter told me that they were very quite! Has any one else been keeping an eye on what they are up to?. Is this  the start of Boots pulling out of photograhy?.


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I can't believe they've gone backwards in terms of kiosks when the whole industry is putting more in. Most of the big retailers consider the space they use very much offset by the sale of other products generated while people spend more time in the shops.

As for this differential Klick have between Lab and Instant, why not get the staff and workflows right so everything goes through the lab? Gee you'd have to be doing pretty big numbers before using up a machine's print-per-hour capacity these days!

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