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suc recycling


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Sometime ago I was approached by a company who claimed to recycle SUC and would pay me 3p per camera to do so. What a brillaint idea, I can help save the plannet and recover some costs to my business and we would all be happy. These schemes have been operating in America for some years. I know Kodak were or are operating a system, but would not pay for the items I collected. I often get recycled Suc dropped in which uses Kodak camers with the cra*****t  film in it, so someone is re selling them to China and then selling them back via the supply chain. Only us mugs in the minilab business are the only ones not getting paid.

However back to my point, this company seamed to have this all worked out and I collect 600+ to send to them. They collected them and I sat back and waited for the cheque. And waited, and waited, and waited.

Another 400 collected so I thought I would give them a ring to see whats happening. "The price has fallen mate!" was my reply and they failed to send me the cheque.

So does anyone know of a reliable company to handle them who is willing to give ME some of the action.

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I also have a huge collection of suc. A company called Ritz International were taking them ,we were very lucky to receive payment also, unfortunately the company have gone bust and now we are stuck with thousands.

Some months ago I was told that Swains were collecting, anyone know if this is right? Would be happy just to move them, even better to get a few pennies for them !!!!!!!!!!!

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Both Fuji and Kodak opperate a free recycling scheme, - and Kodak occasionally gives me a free M & S voucher or similar token.

Fuji & K are keen to re-manufacture the sucs so that they don't get re-loaded with c**p and they get the profit.

SUC's are classified industrial waste, - and I would be keen to get rid ASAP - they will doubtless be part of WEE.

I recall a roumour  that RATHMANS - (?) the silver recovery people have paid in the past .....???


Spectrum Imaging.

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