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By the way, has anyone heard that Superdrug may be pulling out of on site processing
Nope not heard this... so shall be intresting...

they have been around for about 20 years and
Yup, like many other others where volumes were the key..

I am ashamed to see labs like this doing this, just to try to get a share of the "cheapie" market, good luck to them if this is what they want to do... But all that is being done is damage and yet more damage to the industry.. I also had a very local lab doing the same thing for 2 years, we did not lower our prices, they did up theres in the end..

Like all trades, we will always have the Muppet show.. and also still the Muppet "professional" photographer, that is only interested in "cheap" prices to reflect there "cheap" photography.. pain in the arse yes.. But I do not have time or inclination to consider them to be a threat.. silly lab, doing silly things IMHO *MUPPETS*

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40p for a 8x12 is the same as 10p for a 4x6 print.

OK - we know both are muppets work, - but a 8x12 is only 1 file as oppose to 4, and if you can recover packaging costs those 40p's will add up faster than those 10p's

personally - I offer 8x10 for £1 on BOGOF ( does this mean 50 p each ... or 1 for 90p and 10p worth of stock at cost?)

and it attracts a lot of extra business...... everyone can have 1 loss leader, - and if the machine is idol, - there is still a good % margin in these prices.


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